Podcast 27: The Feng Shui Way to Create Harmony

Podcast 27: The Feng Shui Way to Create Harmony

I find Feng Shui an interesting subject so I welcome back Audrey Cupo, the owner of A Better Space, to talk about this subject and how we can use it to create harmony in our home.

Have you wondered what the term Feng Shui [pronounced Fung Schway] means and how to incorporate it into your life?

Feng Shui is a way of creating harmony with our environment to enhance our well-being. It’s an ancient Chinese theory that includes design and placement. It can have a negative or positive effect on our surroundings, with certain places considered luckier, happier, healthier and more peaceful than others.

By changing the energy in our environment, Feng Shui allows us to improve our life. Many cultures believe that a universal energy flows through all life forms, including the human body, and changes made by nature or humankind can vary its course.

Feng Shui adjusts the energy around us. By practicing Feng Shui, we attract and cultivate positive energy while dispelling or eliminating negative energy.

Feng Shui and Clutter

Clutter represents an obstacle to energy flow and causes problems in peoples’ lives. For life to work well, it’s vital to have a good flow of life force energy in our home and work environment. Three main causes of stuck energy are:

  1. Physical grime;
  2. Predecessor energy; and
  3. Clutter.

Clutter accumulates when energy is stagnant and energy is stagnant when clutter accumulates. The more clutter we have, the more stagnant energy it attracts.

Clutter in the home accumulates a bit at a time and grows. To get unstuck we need to clear out clutter and start fresh to completely transform our entire existence. Our home environment mirrors our inner self.

Benefits of Using Feng Shui Principles:

  • Frees energy in our home and releases new vitality to our body
  • Allows us to begin to deal with problems and move forward with life, by releasing the past to create a better tomorrow.
  • Indicates we’re current with what needs doing and keeping promises.
  • Teaches us to be selective about decorations, pictures and photographs we surround ourselves with.

Feng Shui and Stress

Implementing Feng Shui can help reduce stress, increase energy and sleep better. It influences how we feel, mentally and physically.

Eliminate clutter to help promote health and wellness at home and at work. Good Feng Shui can be accomplished by the proper use of lighting, color, nature and furniture arrangement, creating peaceful and “zen” environment, thereby reducing stress.


The Feng Shui bagua is a grid showing how different areas of a building are connected to specific aspects of life. For example, a junk room in the prosperity area can create financial problems.

A bagua is used by Feng Shui experts to analyze a home. While the process is best left to professionals, there are certain concepts the average homeowner can implement. Decorating with more light, music, water, air, mirrors, wind chimes, bright colors, household plants and flowers can activate the positive energy of joy and happiness. And of course, reducing clutter is the one of the best ways!

More information about the bagua here.

3 Tips to Help Implement Basic Feng Shui: 

  1. Out with the old. De-clutter, dust, sweep/vacuum, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, empty trash cans and clean out the refrigerator.
  1. In with the new. Fill the fridge and pantry with food. Add a new plant in the east sector of your house to symbolize a healthy beginning. Hang new calendars for the New Year. Fill bird feeders.
  1. De-clutter and organize the home to bring joy and positive energy, Plan a party or other happy gathering to celebrate and have fun! 

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