I Love Organizing Survey

I Love Organizing Survey

I love organizing! Everything about it—doing it, teaching it, coaching others to do it and every other aspect of organizing. Well, maybe not the hauling of cast-offs.

Some people are born with the organizing gene, like me. Others are quite able to learn this, with a bit of effort. It’s not necessary to have OCD leanings either. But attention to detail helps.

Please allow me to detour a bit here. I feel I must tell you about a couple of my early organizing experiences, long before that concept was popular. I certainly didn’t know I had that gene. I just did what came naturally. Recognized something that needed help and did it. Simple.

Time One was when I organized my mother’s shoes at about age 12. She used to kick them off into a pile in the dining room, and that really bothered me. So I lined them all up, in pairs, and posted a “for sale” sign on the wall above them. She was not impressed. In fact she was quite annoyed with me.

Time Two was when I organized the creation of a float for my youth group to be in the Canada Day Parade, at about age 15. Without knowing what I was doing, I recruited volunteers, obtained the materials needed to decorate a flatbed truck (that a friend obtained through family connections), contacted a local funeral home to borrow plastic grass, and so on. I remember even writing thank you notes once it was all over. Just came naturally.

Why care about organizing at all? Well, by being organized (we’re not talking about Better Homes and Gardens photos here) is that you’ll be able to find what you want more easily when you want it. You’ll make better use of the space you have available when it’s organized. And—you’ll even save money by not buying things you already have but can’t find. These are good enough reasons for me to want to stay organized and help others achieve that as well.

That’s about home organizing, but the principles can easily be applied to any area in life. I believe we use these skills all the time, most of the time subconsciously. That’s when organizing becomes a habit and it’s just the way we are.

In light of all this, I’m looking for your input. I’d like to create programs to benefit you, but need to know what you’d like. So, I’ve created a short survey to give me this information. I’d really appreciate if you’d take a couple of minutes to answer it now so I can get started creating what you would like. Click here to access the survey. I promise you won’t receive any spam or other nasty communication by using it.

Thank you so much for helping me help you!

As a bonus, I’ll send a hard copy of my latest book Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In to one of you who answers from Canada. For anyone in other countries, I’ll send a digital copy. The winner will be randomly selected.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Contest closes February 29, 2016.